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If aquascaping is your passion and you wonder how to keep your planted tank healthy with dense vegetation, you are going to find some exclusive deals about CO2 regulator kits in this article. You should always rely on proven brands distinguished by the highest quality and attractive price.

Co2Art is defined by those adjectives by thousands of satisfied customers and positive reviews. Every detail of our equipment has been designed for tank safety and with fine precision in mind. Also the intuitiveness and ease of configuration is something that is rarely found among products on the market. In a few simple steps, your aquarium can thrive thanks to the reliable CO2 system.

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Why CO2 in the tank?

It cannot be denied that carbon dioxide plays an important role in your aquarium during the photosynthesis process. Of course, equally important is to have balanced levels of CO2. If you inject too much or too little, you can only stare how all your plants and fish are suffering. But if you follow some rules and equip your tank with a high quality appliances you are going to see some huge effects without any repercussions.

It is also worth mentioning that the concentration of CO2 is much smaller in the closed tank than in nature. That is why planted tanks that have CO2 diffusers, notice a huge increase in plant growth, from 5 to 10 times bigger than in a standard tank without this system.

A complete CO2 regulator kit or combined equipment?

First of all, on the market, there are a few options of items that we may purchase. It is possible to buy all the components separately or to buy complete kits. In our opinion, the second one is better to choose. And why is that?

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It is a similar thing to purchasing clothes in different shops. They don't have the same sizes. Sometimes you are going to buy size L while in another shop size M will fit you better.

In this case, there is no difference in aquarium industry. Some of the manufacturers may produce a regulator with fittings that you can't connect to products from another brand for example CO2 regulator from a company X may not fit the tubing from a company Y. Probably an adapter will be needed but nobody will guarantee that this installation in your tank will be tight and safe. Of course it will be possibly not easy to assemble too.

Last but not least thing that is worth noting is the fact that manufacturers of CO2 regulator kits sometimes make changes in their products to enhance the entire system. This vary thing may affect compatibility with other parts. They usually take into account only their own products.

Thus it's efficient to buy the CO2 regulator kit from one brand only to be sure that everything will connect together.

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When starting fertilizing plants with carbon dioxide, it may often seem complicated at first sight. If you purchase the complete CO2 regulator kit, it will help you to avoid unnecessary questions, emails with larger amount of firms. Instead of that, you have a single point of reference for all your support needs. Moreover, our instructions are crystal-clear made, step by step with videos, but in case of any questions, feel free to ask. The answer will wait for you in a blink of an eye.

CO2Art Regulator kits

You may receive exclusive deals on our site. CO2Art gives you complete CO2 kits that allow you to adjust carbon dioxide saturation in a precise way. All you have to do is to decide the diffusion method and source of your CO2 tank.

The regulator choice is rather simple because there are only two options and you decide which one suits your needs. Their common feature is primary dual stage construction that prevents the end-tank-dump.

This kind of a construction guarantees that your fish will be safe no matter if there is CO2 in the bottle or not. In the Internet we may find a lot of upsetting posts because people have not taken this into account while choosing a new regulator kit.

Both of our regulators go with threads that suit worldwide CO2 bottle standards: W21.8x14/BS341/DIN477 and CGA320 version for North America. These cylinders have a standard valve assembly that is installed to the neck of the cylinder. If you don't have the access to those kinds of CO2 cylinders you may also purchase a CO2 adapter on our site that allows you to connect your regulator to paintball or sodastream cylinder.

Our regulators are also equipped with power supply with universal voltage and are made of durable components which is guaranteed by even 10 years of warranty. They have integrated bubble counter with in-built check valve that is used to protect your items from water back flow.

Pro-Elite CO2 Regulator vs Pro-SE CO2 Regulator

Those exclusive devices do not have any disadvantages but will be suitable for different needs. Pro-Elite is made to service more than one tank or diffuser because of the extendable manifold block. You can to run up to 5+ manifold blocks with only one CO2 bottle and solenoid. These functions will work perfectly in aquascape galleries or the owner who has multiple tanks. By using this regulator you may adjust the pressure on each manifold separately due to high precision valves.

Pro-SE is the most popular regulator in CO2Art. This model is cheaper and allows you to run one diffuser with brilliant precision. This classic model is modern at the same time and will help you to improve your tank by increasing the growth.

Diffusion method

The second thing that is important while establishing a CO2 tank is to choose the diffusion method. We point out two diffusers that inject carbon dioxide: in-tank or in-line. They both are equipped with a ceramic membrane and the main difference is the place in which we put our unit- inside the tank or outside the tank. In-line diffusers are rather recommended for larger tanks. Less gear in the tank means more space for plants but diffusers like i.g. CO2Art Flux Bazooka In-Tank CO2 Diffuser are not less efficient. Moreover they are brownish so the device can easily blend into the surroundings.


If you have already chosen the co2 regulator and the diffusion method, here comes the time for other things that are not always obligatory but at least highly useful:

  • Tubing- it is crucial to have high quality tubing to prevent CO2 from leaking.

  • Bubble counter- a device that helps us to estimate the CO2 that is injected to the tank. After filling the bubble counter's chamber with water and mounting it to the regulator, it will show you the approximate value of CO2 in the tank.

a diffuser with bubble counter
  • Drop checker- although the bubble counter is efficient, the level of CO2 should be always double-checked. The drop checker method indicates us the pH level of the water. After observing you may boost or reduce bubbles that appear over time in the bubble counter. Particular colors of the reagent in the drop checker container mean various things: deep green coloration means that this level is profitable to fish and plants but if it turns blue, it means, that the concentration of CO2 is too little. Yellowish color means too high level of CO2. Take a look at our quick tutorial videos on how to mount a drop checker or read the article about a drop checker.

  • Solenoid valve- it is attached to the CO2 regulator and allows easy turning on and off the gas. With a timer it solves a lot of chores that we may do around the CO2 system. It also stops the CO2 injection when the electricity is cut off along with the filter system.

If you are interested in any of our products or want to purchase one of the ready, compact kits, visit our website here. If you decide on one of our complete CO2 regulator kits, we will deliver it to you for free (for orders above 70$) and it can be sold for you with a special 10% discounted price with a code 'WELCOME10'

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Where to buy it?

Among so many brands on the market, it's hard to distinguish better or worse ones. Note that CO2 regulator kit is not something that we get once a month or a year but something that works perfectly for years or at least it should..

Just search for the reviews, comments from thousands of customers and choose reliable sources for right prices.

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