Does Aquarium CO2 Booster Work?

When it comes to maintaining a thriving planted aquarium, carbon dioxide (CO2) is often touted as one of the essential elements needed for plant growth. While traditional methods like pressurized CO2 systems are prevalent, there's an alternative that has garnered attention: CO2 booster. So, does an aquarium CO2 booster work as claimed? Let's dive into the details.

Does Aquarium CO2 Booster Work?

What is a CO2 Booster?

A CO2 boost is generally a liquid solution containing carbon, which, when added to aquarium water, releases carbon dioxide for aquatic plant consumption. They are marketed as a simpler, cheaper alternative to mechanical CO2 systems.

How Does CO2 Booster Work?

When you add a CO2 booster to your planted aquarium, it undergoes chemical reactions that release CO2 into the water. The released CO2 is then available for aquarium plants to use in photosynthesis.

The Science Behind It

CO2 booster products typically contain a form of carbon that is biologically available for aquatic plants. The question is whether this form of carbon is as effective as directly injecting CO2 gas into the water.

Does Aquarium CO2 Booster Work?

Is It Effective?

The effectiveness of a CO2 boost largely depends on various factors, such as the type of plants you have, the size of your aquarium, and the existing levels of CO2. Some hobbyists have reported seeing noticeable improvements in their plants, while others haven't seen much difference.

CO2 Booster vs. CO2 System

Mechanical CO2 systems offer the benefit of consistency and control, which is essential for many demanding aquatic plants. In comparison, CO2 boosters are passive and rely on the natural water flow to distribute the CO2, which might not be ideal for all types of plants.

Does Aquarium CO2 Booster Work?

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Less expensive than mechanical systems
  • No complex installation required


  • Less control over CO2 levels
  • May not be suitable for all types of aquarium plants
  • Inconsistent distribution of CO2


Does It Affect Fish?

Too much CO2 can be harmful to both plants and fish in your planted aquarium. However, the levels of CO2 released by boosters are generally not high enough to be harmful.

Is It Worth It?

While it may serve as a quick fix or a supplement, a CO2 booster is generally not a complete replacement for a pressurized CO2 system, especially for larger or more demanding planted aquariums.

Does Aquarium CO2 Booster Work?

To Boost or Not to Boost?

If you have a low-demand setup with plants that aren't very CO2-hungry, a CO2 booster might be sufficient. However, if you're serious about your planted tank and want the best for your aquatic plants, then a mechanical system is generally recommended.


An aquarium CO2 booster can be a convenient alternative for small tanks or low-demand plants, but it doesn't offer the level of control or consistency provided by mechanical systems. As with many things in aquascaping, the effectiveness of a CO2 booster will vary based on individual circumstances. However, for the most vibrant and robust plant growth, traditional CO2 systems still hold the edge.

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