Say hello to Cryptocoryne Wendtii!

Say hello to Cryptocoryne Wendtii!

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Cryptocoryne Wendtii has been a mainstay on this hobby for quite a long time and for good reasons. This plant is one of the easiest to grow. This is a rosette plant and unlike stem plants it does not require higher lighting to thrive. There are 2 variants. The green and the brown. Both are equally beautiful and easy to take care of. 


Given the right conditions, Cryptocoryne Wendtii can benefit with stronger light but has no problem thriving in low light conditions. 

CO2 injection

This is one of the few that can survive higher light without CO2 but just because it can survive it does not mean that you have a free pass to neglect it. The lack of balance between lighting and nutrients can lead to unwelcome algae bloom which is the greatest hobbyists’ nightmare.  CO2 supplementation is very beneficial to all aquatic plants. 

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Planting and Position in the Tank

This plant is best suited for larger tanks. It can be used as a midground plant on deeper tanks and as a background plant for shallower ones. This plant is a slow grower producing about one leaf a week. You would be surprised though at how fast it can take over the entire setup. When conditions are right Cryptocorynes readily shoot out runners forming into new plants. 

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Do not cut the top or the shoot. It only has one shoot per plant and care must be given not to damage it. Maintenance generally involves removing older leaves or the ones that have grown out of proportion. Cutting the bigger leaves would be good if the aim is to make the plant smaller. Consider as well that light, CO2 supplementation and nutrients as they play a huge role as to how big those leaves can grow.