Say hello to Micranthemum Umbrosum!

aquatic plants


This plant belongs to a family of small leafy green aquatic plants. Part of this family would be Pearl Weed and of course Monte Carlo. While the two more popular plants are being used as carpeting plants

Micranthemum Umbrosum is best used as an accent plant. Its tiny round leaves wrapped around the small stems offer a unique form which would be very eye-catching indeed. It grows more like Pearl Weed than Monte Carlo and it has been observed to grow horizontally if put under intense lighting. Despite this there has not been one record of this plant being used as a foreground. 


Micranthemum Umbrosum much like its cousins Pearl Weed and Monte Carlo require higher lighting and would fall on the highlight category of stem plants. 

CO2 injection

This plant requires CO2. Adding CO2 to the aquarium will definitely promote faster growth and would make transition faster and easier. Using a CO2 drop checker will definitely help give an idea of how much CO2 is already in the water. Just follow the instructions on the packaging.

Water Parameters

This plant may not all be difficult to grow and is relatively undemanding when it comes to nutrients. The difficult part is at the beginning. It may take a while for the plant to get used to the new aquarium environment but once it does, growth could take off and a weekly trimming may be needed.

Planting and placement

Due to its unique leaves this plant is best planted as an accent to the Aquascape. It can be planted along carpeting plants to give the carpet a more varied, natural look. 


Following a regular dosing schedule definitely would boost this plant. Regular trimming should be followed as well if it is to keep to its original low-mid form. Trim like any regular stem plant but avoid damaging individual leaves if possible, so trim carefully.