Say hello to Pogestemon Helferi “Downoi”!

dawnoi aquatic plant by @ricardia_idn


Having “Downoi” inside a planted tank is like having a desert succulent under water. Resembling more like a succulent than an aquatic plant. Downoi never ceases to amaze. It is just a green, low-lying plant but will always certainly capture anyone’s attention and imagination with its unique leaf shape.


Put this plant under intense lighting. This is one of those plants that require it. Due to its low growth, it is considered as a slow grower but often times when the conditions, especially when the lighting is right Downoi will send out side shoots that could later grow to be separate individual plants. 

pogestemon helferi dawnoi by @jordanstirrat

CO2 injection

This plant requires CO2 supplementation. Like most aquatic plants that require high light, this plant would definitely appreciate a current of CO2 supplemented water. 

Water Parameters

Like most High light plants used in Dutch Style Aquascapes. Downoi would also flourish in waters with TDS of 80-150 PPM and neutral PH. Unlike most stem plants though, it can tolerate a big higher Calcium and Magnesium in the water. In fact, this plant loves it.  

Planting and Placement

While this plant is known to be used as an accent plant it is not uncommon to see a scape using Downoi as a carpeting plant. It is used as a foreground in Dutch Style aquascape where every plant is considered a centerpiece. It totally belongs there.

dawnoi by Jordan Stirrat


Do not trim like any other carpeting plant. Care must be given to not damage individual leaves. Trim as though propagating. Transplant the cuttings to grow as a separate plant.