Acrylic diffusers

Welcome to the most elegant and reliable acrylic diffusers in the world. CO2Art offers you our New IO Acrylic Series Diffuser with interchangeable ceramic membrane! A very convenient way to keep your diffuser clean and fully operational at all times for years to come. Our ceramic membrane is made with Nano CO2 Mist Technology making our acrylic diffuser extremely efficient when it comes to CO2 absorption by plants! The micro bubbles coming from the porous membrane surface readily dissolve in the aquarium water giving your plants everything they need to continue growing. Depending on your tank size you can choose between two sizes of this fantastic piece of kit: Small for tanks below 40G and Large for tanks above 40G. The transparent look of our acrylic CO2 diffusers blends into any scape perfectly, thus not spoiling or distracting the view. The acrylic CO2 diffuser is a  perfect choice for aesthetic in-tank diffusion without an external filter. Our IO diffusers are compatible with all CO2Art tubing 4/6mm and come with high quality suction cups so that they can be attached in a  stable position on the aquariums internal glass. 

In the box you will also find a check valve which will prevent the back flow of water, thus protecting your CO2 equipment. We are confident that among acrylic diffusers on the globe, the IO Acrylic Diffuser has no competition. Try it out  yourself and let the bubbles directly into your own tank.