Aquarium atomizer

Did you know that aquatic plants grow healthier and faster with CO2 injection? Among the very long list of items needed to run a planted tank, aquarium atomizers decide whether the CO2 supplementation is efficient, giving plants the exact amount of CO2 they need to produce their own food in the process of photosynthesis. The CO2 atomizer is the last device on the CO2 injection line and its proper operation is responsible for the successful planted aquarium. Carbon dioxide entering the tank through the CO2 atomizer diffusers dissolves readily in the water in the form of tiny bubbles.
While gathering the equipment, be sure that your aquarium atomizer is dedicated for your type of filtration and if its size is correct for your tank volume. Be aware that Inline CO2 atomizers work only with external filters. Some external filters may require a custom approach due to not being a standard hose sizes, therefore we encourage you to contact our support team with any doubts or questions you may have. In our rang you will find modern diffusers made with Nano CO2 Mist Technology, providing the highest dissolution rates. Each of our CO2 aquarium atomizer is made of durable materials and designed to give your plants what they deserve. 

Choose among our wide range of CO2 aquarium atomizers and enjoy micro bubbles coming from the high quality innovative membranes. Easy to clean and install. Our gear comes up to expectations of both professionals and novices alike, providing their aquatic plants with so valuable carbon dioxide!