Aquarium CO2 systems

Have you heard of the benefits of using pressurised CO2 systems for aquarium ?

Nature provides aquatic plants with plenty of this gas, coming from different sources for example underground deposits of CO2 or decomposition of various organic matter.

In home aquarium conditions CO2 compared to natural reservoirs is poor.  This gas is the main nutrient for plants. Thanks to photosynthesis, they absorb CO2 from the water column and release oxygen in return. Oxygen is used by fish for breathing, and, like mammals, they release CO2 in return. However, the amount of CO2 coming from fish is not enough to sustain the requirements for healthy and constant plant growth. On the other hand, too much of this gas in aquarium water column can be lethal for fish. Therefore, having reliable and precise equipment is essential for the whole underwater ecosystem. The pressurized aquarium CO2 system is the safest way of injection for both plants and fish. The dual stage construction of our CO2 regulators prevents the end-tank-dump and keeps the CO2 pressure on constant levels right down to the end.  

By choosing the CO2Art reliable CO2 System for Aquarium, you can adjust the elements of the equipment to your personal needs. You can create your own system in plenty of configurations! All you have to do is to consider the following:

-CO2 regulator model:

Dual Stage Pro Se Series CO2 Regulator VS Dual Stage Pro Elite CO2 Regulator (run more than one aquarium from one regulator)

-CO2 diffuser type:

CO2Art In-line Diffuser VS CO2Art Bazooka Flux Diffuser

-CO2 resistant tubing type:

CO2Art offers a wide range of CO2 Resistant Aquarium Polyurethane Tubing available in 3 lengths and 5 colours: clear, black, green, silver and blue.

In every complete CO2 system for aquarium provided by CO2Art, you will find a drop checker kit allowing you to monitor the pH level constantly!

If all the above are chosen, you can finally purchase your new CO2 aquarium system and start injecting carbon dioxide, the most important plant nutrient, in a safe and fully controlled way. 

Still not convinced what the best CO2 System for aquarium is?

CO2Art provides you with the most reliable and customised CO2 systems for aquariums in the world, ensuring the stable control of CO2 being injected into your aquarium. 

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See the difference in growth rate, colouration, and form of your aquatic plants with CO2 injection.

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