Bubble counter CO2

Adjusting the amount of co2 being injected to the planted aquarium is usually done by attaching a drop checker to the aquarium glass and changing the pressure according to the reagent colour. This is done by the needle valve mounted to the regulator body. Bubble counters were introduced to aquarium trade by attaching them between the regulator and the diffuser. The CO2 bubble counter is filled with a liquid (usually water) and during the journey from the cylinder to the aquarium, the co2 bubbles pass through the water in the chamber. The amount of the bubbles per second or per minute can tell if we inject the right amount of the CO2 which should be checked by the drop checker.
When it comes to the decision, CO2 bubble counters need to be well-sealed not to leak gas. The more o-rings in the precision counter, the better. They won’t pass any CO2 to the atmosphere and the water will evaporate slower. 

Among our offers you will find bubble counters that can be mounted traditionally on the regulator or in-line thanks to the additional adapter. Our devices are made of durable materials- anti-corrosion metal or stainless steel. They are equipped with suction cups compatible with 4/6mm tubing and can be used for in-line installation. Inject CO2 in a master way with a high quality CO2 bubble counter with innovative an alternative to in-line mounting!