Ceramic membrane for CO2

Plants absorb carbon dioxide to conduct the process of photosynthesis- producing their own food. In aquarium conditions, the CO2 saturation is lower due to the fact that carbon dioxide dissolves in water 10.000 slower than in atmospheric air. Therefore supplementing our underwater garden with CO2 is surely beneficial for aquatic plants and their healthy growth.
The key is to dissolve the gas efficiently. This is the role of the porous diffusion media which is usually ceramics.
CO2Art offers a range of interchangeable ceramic membranes for CO2 diffusers by our own brand. This convenient solution allows the diffuser to perform the optimum work for years of use and is generally cheaper in terms of the whole aquarium project. 

Each of our membrane for CO2 diffuser is made with the Nano CO2 Mist Technology, providing the highest dissolution rates and maximal plant absorption. The stream of tiny bubbles enter the tank through the surface of the ceramic membrane for CO2 best diffusion which results in healthy and lush growth. Among our membranes for CO2 you will find a type dedicated for our In-line diffuser with the set of o-rings (sealing the device any time you change the ceramic) or elegant replacement rings for our IO in-tank atomizers. Everything available in sizes suiting your gear. 

Ceramic membranes for CO2 injection are surely one of the best porous materials used for now in the aquascaping hobby with great success. Our brand developed the technology of adjusting the material features to the aquarium needs and created these high quality membranes to enrich your garden with the best CO2 supplementation ever! 

See the difference in the innovative approach to hi-tech aquascaping and choose the membrane for CO2 injection that makes the difference in a blink of an eye.