Check valves for CO2

Our specially designed Check valves for CO2 are an additional option, but a very useful accessory when it comes to co2 injection. Many hobbyists/pros admit this accessory is a valuable and handy piece of kit when it comes to doing maintenance as our non-return valves make it extremely easy to remove and attach with its push click system. Also all of our regulators come with integral non-return valves in the bubble counter with precision valve which makes for a safe usage of co2 injection thus keeping your equipment  protected all the time.
CO2 check valve for gas flow ONLYin one direction. Check valves for aquariums prevent water backflow and therefore protect your equipment, like regulators and solenoids from water damage. CO2Art offers the highest quality non-return valves sold separately for installation on any tubing 4/6mm (compatible with all CO2Art tubes).  We designed our non-return valves so that they will have a  high-pressure resistance of +100 psi and extremely low opening cracking pressure of 1psi.  Thanks to push-in connectors the inline installation is easy and quick. This excellent accessory has a one-direction-flow and is also built-in to our Inline bubble counters available in the SS series or standard series. Protecting your gear in any position. The bubble counters included to our regulators contain an in-built check valve just above the CO2 on off valve. If you value your equipment try the most reliable check valves for CO2 injection on the market and protect your investment.