Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker Solution 15ml


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Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker Solution 15ml. 

It consists of a pre-made 4dKH solution containing the appropriate amount of reagent. No mixing nor preparation is needed for its easy use. Simply open the bottle and fill the CO2 drop checker.

  1. Fill the drop checker 2/3 full of CO2 Drop Checker Solution (about 25/30drops)
  2. Now invert it, being careful not to spill the fluid 
  3. Next, holding it level, mount the checker anywhere on the front glass inside the tank so that air is trapped in the vessel
  4. When the reagent solution is deep green, the optimum amount of CO2 is diluted in the water column
  5. Replace CO2 Drop Checker Solution minimum once a month to maintain an accurate read.

When the drop checker is submerged in the aquarium, the carbon dioxide in the water will fill the airspace of the drop checker and will eventually be absorbed into the indicator solution. The carbon dioxide will seek a point of equilibrium between the indicator solution and the aquarium water. As equilibrium is achieved, the color of the indicator solution inside of the drop checker will change based on the concentration of CO2 in the water column.

If the indicator solution is deep green in color, then appropriate levels of carbon dioxide are present in the aquarium and no action is required. If the solution changes to blue or yellow, then the CO2 levels are too low or too high, respectively. When the reagent turns yellowish, your livestock can be in danger as too much CO2 is lethal to fish. 

Drop Checker Kit installation tutorial:



Warranty 10 Years 5 Years
Construction Dual Stage Dual Stage
Integrated 12VDC Solenoid Valve
Maximum Working Pressure 80PSI / 5.5Bar 40PSI / 2.7Bar
Pressure Stabilisation ~ 1PSI ~ 5PSI
Bubble Counter with integrated check valve
Inline Atomizer Compatible
In-Tank Bazooka Atomizers Compatible
Standard Ceramic Diffuser Compatible
Low-pressure Reactor Compatible
End Of Tank Dump (EOTD) Prevention
Adjustable Working Pressure
CGA320 Connection Option
Stackable Outlets X
Multi-Diffuser compatibility X
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