CO2 Adapters

Are you struggling with positioning your regulator and searching for a reliable solution? Look into our wide range of CO2 adapters compatible with SodaStream, Paintball and Disposable cylinders. These tricky devices will surely help you match any type of CO2 bottles with all CO2Art regulators in a blink of an eye.

Our CO2 adapter has a unibody, which means it extremely decreases the risk of possible leaks in the thread area. Made from anti-corrosion metal, its keeps its modern look for years. All our adapters for CO2 injection are elbow-designed which allows the correct horizontal regulator installation. Each CO2 tank adapter is equipped with an adjustable ON/OFF pin valve.

Our CO2 adapters are dedicated for CGA320 and W21.8x14 outlets threads. Easy to install and regulate. Available for Paintball W21.8x14, Paintball CGA320, SodaStream CGA320, SodaStream W21.8x14 for Australia & Oceania and disposable bottles. Find your correct type among our co2 tank adapters and enjoy its reliable working.  Among our offers, you will find repair kits for SodaStream and disposable adapters, equipped with replaceable sealing o-ring, hex-key and spare head screw.

Our experienced Customer Service Team is happy to help you with any technical questions including installation and maintenance of our CO2 adapters.

We are sure that there are no better adapters for CO2 regulators on the market or dare we say, “in the world”. Choose your own and join thousands of satisfied aquascapers.