CO2 atomizer

CO2 atomizers are responsible for direct CO2 despersion to the planted tank. Thanks to the porous surface of the diffusion media, carbon dioxide is readily dissolved in aquarium water in the form of tiny bubbles. This valuable gas is absorbed by aquatic plants in the process of photosynthesis. Oxygen is a by-product of this phenomenon. A perfect CO2 atomizer for aquarium with live plants needs to work efficiently- it needs to diffuse carbon dioxide in the way plants can absorb and reduce the gas waste.
Each CO2 atomizer produced by CO2Art has a ceramic membrane which is an excellent diffusion medium. All of our membranes are made with the Nano CO2 Mist Technology providing the highest dissolution rates in the water column.
Depending on the diffusion method you want you use: in-side or out-side the aquarium with the external filter, you can use one of our most popular Flux Bazooka CO2 Atomizer, IO diffuser in two available materials or In-line diffuser to use with an external filter.
All of our aquarium CO2 atomizers are compatible with 4/6mm CO2 resistant tubing ensuring leak-free gas flow.
We love eco-friendly solutions therefore we designed 2 types of ceramic membranes for our IO In-Tank CO2 Atomizers and Inline Diffusers! This patent will not only allow you to use one diffuser for years but also keep it clean during the regular maintenance. Choose your favourite CO2 atomizer available in our offer and let the bubbles into your planted tank flow  now!