CO2 Bubble counters

CO2Art bubble counters are perfect for the precise injection rate by counting the bubbles per minute. Our CO2 bubble counter is equipped with an integrated check valve preventing the water syphoning back into the regulator.

Why is the bubble count for CO2 systems so important? It allows users to see immediately if CO2 is coming from the needle valve and helps to monitor the injection rate with also the aid of a drop checker. The CO2 counter is designed to provide the best control of gas which is essential, especially in the first stages of CO2 injection.

Our CO2 bubble counters allow the aquascaper to use it, be it  inline or with all CO2Art regulators,  plus your own, if you have  a M10x1 thread.

The CO2Art bubble counters are made of anti-corrosion, durable materials providing the best quality in terms of aesthetics and resistance. The precise CO2 bubble count can be easily read no matter if the regulator is in the cabinet or outside because of the unique possibility of using it as an inline installation. You will find two suction cups in the package compatible with all of our co2 tubing also

CO2 bubble counters enjoy the precise and easy reading of co2 injection.