CO2 Drop Checkers

CO2 drop checkers are very popular in the aquarium hobby and we totally understand why! Thanks to the CO2 drop checker we can estimate the amount of CO2 being  injected into the aquarium water and therefore keep the livestock safe and plants happy.

Drop checker is the perfect visual indicator allowing us to monitor the CO2 levels at a blink of an eye. The colour of the liquid in the CO2 checker indicates what the water's pH is which is correlated with the amount of carbon dioxide present. If the colour of the reagent in the glass chamber is deep green- the optimum amount of gas was diluted in the aquarium. The user should be aware that if the pH reagent turns yellow- then the CO2 saturation is too big and can be harmful for fish. With well calibrated drop checkers aquarium water can be constantly monitored and the read can be very precise.
CO2Art provides you with a full CO2 Drop Checker Kit allowing you to monitor the water pH all the time. Every Complete Kit has all you need but you can also purchase just the reagent when yours runs out.The kit includes a bottle with pre-mixed solution and the glass chamber with a high quality suction.  Drop checkers refills bottles are available should you need them.The reagent is perfectly calibrated requiring no preparation and comes in a 15 ml safety bottle. This excellent CO2 checker method will help you control the carbon dioxide levels in your aquarium.  It's a must have!