co2 dual stage regulator

Welcome to our high quality dual stage regulators which help to inject the pressurised carbon dioxide which is absorbed by aquatic plants in the planted aquarium. CO2Art is a company specialised in pressurised CO2 injection to planted aquariums. Our professional Complete Kits contain a dual CO2 Regulator that is responsible for the safe CO2 injection, plus by adjusting the flow rate   which is very important for the ecosystem functioning; including livestock, plants and undesirable algae.

Thanks to the reliable dual stage CO2 regulators planted aquariums can be safely fertilised with this game-changing gas, providing balanced and intensified photosynthesis of your underwater garden. This results in healthier and lush growth of your plants.
Among our offers you will find top models of aquarium CO2 dual stage regulator which are trusted by thousands of aquascapers around the world. Thanks to many years of experience in providing CO2 to aquascaping, we distinguished the best materials and advanced technologies to provide you with the excellence of CO2 regulators.
Depending on your needs you may choose two versions of our regulators:
-PRO-SE model perfect for running one setup with one regulator and cylinder. Convenient and easy, thanks to its integrated solenoid valve, bubble counter and  check valve this regulator will deliver CO2 with precision.

-PRO-Elite is flag ship model that can be run many different aquariums or diffusers thanks to the extendable manifold units. Works on higher working pressure than PRO-SE model.
Choosing the reliable and long lasting device is super important for your faunas safety and leak-free gas injection. The CO2 dual regulator has a construction preventingthe dreaded end-tank dump which is when the CO2 cylinder pressure falls below a certain limit, the regulator stops regulating and dumps the rest of the CO2 contents from the cylinder into your aquarium. Thanks to the dual pressure CO2 regulator construction, you won’t experience total loss of your fish which often happens with single-stage cousins.
Choose the gear with up to 10 years warranty and aquascape like a boss!