CO2 hoses

We have a wide range of CO2 hoses available in several sizes and colours! Our CO2 hoses are manufactured for safe carbon dioxide injection which will support your plants growth and intensified colouration. CO2 hoses by CO2Art are designed to avoid co2 leakage and will never become brittle. Thanks to this accessory, CO2 will not escape and every last drop of CO2 will be put to efficient use. All CO2Art CO2 hoses are made of high quality Polyurethane which is more resistant to the high co2 pressure than silicon or any other materials. Among our CO2 hoses you will find tubing in clear, black, green, blue and silver colour. All CO2 hoses are available in 3 lengths: 3.3, 10 and 20 feet. Our CO2 hoses fit all our CO2Art equipment (inside diameter/outside diameter 4/6 mm) including CO2 regulators, bubble counters, atomizers & diffusers, u-bend connectors and check valves. Thanks to the highest quality of material used, our CO2 hoses can serve up to 30 years if maintained properly. These Polyurethane CO2 hoses are high-pressure rated for maximum reliability and safety. For their stable positioning on the aquarium glass you can use our  suction cups also available in our online store.  Choose between our wide range of CO2 hoses and maintain your setup safely.