CO2 membranes

Our replacement CO2 membranes are designed for our diffusers. Membrane separation of CO2 diffusers is a very convenient way of keeping the diffuser clean especially during maintenance when you can just swap out one while the other in the cleaning process.
Given this possibility of replacing the membranes allows the user to always enjoy the diffuser for years to come. Depending on the diffusion method you can choose between two types of our replacement CO2 membranes that are dedicated for our diffusers.
-Replacement CO2 membranes for Inline CO2 Diffuser in two sizes corresponding with your filter hose: 12/16-13mm and 16/22-17mm
-Replacement CO2 membranes for the New IO Diffuser come in two sizes depending on your aquarium volume: small for tanks below 40G and large for tanks above 40G. The CO2 membranes for this in-tank diffuser are designed to be easily replaced.
Our CO2 membranes are designed for easy installation on the already existing device.
All CO2 membranes by CO2Art are designed with Nano CO2 Mist Technology providing the highest dissolution rates. CO2 passes through the porous surface of  CO2 membranes effectively diluting into streams of tiny bubbles providing your aquatic plants with the most efficient absorption. Bubbles coming from CO2 membranes create a nano mist and look incredibly aesthetic inside your aquarium.