Aquarium CO2 reducers

Do you want to upgrade your aquarium to Hi-Tech? CO2Art provides you with the best aquarium CO2 reducers available on the market. Let the CO2 reduce with our dual stage regulators for your plants healthy growth.

CO2Art devices regulate and reduce CO2 in aquarium. All of our regulators are equipped with a check valve incorporated in the bubble counter which prevents water syphonic back into the device. Moreover, our regulators come with a 12V DC solenoid valve and power adapter with universal voltage 100V-240V. The dual stage construction prevents the dreaded end-tank-dump and keeps the CO2 pressure constant right down to the end.

Depending on the mode chosen, our aquarium CO2 reducers can be run with two or more diffusers, thanks to is ability to have extendable manifold blocks!

Let the CO2 reduce with the trustful brand, providing you with 5+ years warranty and lifetime support. Look at our Regulator’s Comparison Chart and choose the device that best suiting your needs.

Why is reliable equipment so important? Carbon dioxide is one of the main nutrients for plants but in high amounts can be lethal to fish. To prevent a disaster, adjusting the right amount of this co2 is essential. CO2Art regulators reduce CO2 in aquarium precisely, making both fish safe and plants thrive.

Choose the correct regulator for your aquarium CO2 reducers needs and see the difference with CO2Art.