CO2 reducers

If you want to beaf up your aquarium with Hi-Tech equipment and you are looking for your first  step CO2 reducer then this has to be on the top of the list. CO2Art provides you with the most advanced CO2 reducers. Thanks to their dual stage construction, they are extremely safe in use, preventing end-tank-dump. Our regulators guarantee stable CO2 reduction to keep your fauna safe and happy. Both of our models come with an integrated solenoid for easy switching on/off. Also both regulators have an in-build bubble counter with check valve, protecting your gear from damage. Join thousands of satisfied customers who trust our CO2 step reducer and see the difference with CO2Art in your own aquarium! Reducing CO2 pressure was never more reliable and safe. Thanks to two gauges attached to the regulator body, you can easily read the pressure inside the cylinder (amount of carbon dioxide remaining)  and also the working pressure,  which allows you to control the pressure being injected into the aquarium. Our regulators are equipped with the new high precision needle valve allowing you to reduce CO2 pressure manually with the finest control. Both regulators can be run with a bubble counter or with tubing only (check valve must be installed) , according to the user’s preference. Choose your own Dual Stage Regulator and start the most advanced reduction of CO2 ever!