CO2 tube

Among the equipment needed in the pressurised CO2 injection to the planted tank, CO2 tubes are very important and a lot of the time over looked. Silicon or others made of non-CO2 resistant materials often leak Co2 and waste so much desirable carbon dioxide. Therefore, with the whole investment in aquascaping, it’s worth buying quality CO2 aquarium tubing which is resistant to high-pressure when regulated by the needle valve. The CO2 Tubing is usually made of different artificial materials which are more durable and don’t become brittle or leaking after a short time of usage. Thanks to solid and specialised CO2 tube aquarium can be supplied by the maximum amounts of this amazing gas.
Choose the CO2 tube suiting your aquascape! We offer 5 colours of CO2 aquarium tubes in 3 lengths! Green as Anubias? Blue as EB Cichlid? Silver like Arovana? Black as Molly or maybe clear as your water? You will surely find the perfect tubing for your setup! Available in versions 1 metre, 3 meters and 6 meters. Compatible with all CO2Art diffusers, check valves, suction cups and u-bends. Our CO2 aquarium tubes can be attached directly to the regulator without the bubble counter on it, But ALWAYS use a checkvalve to prevent back flow into the regulator