CO2 tube fittings

Choose between high quality CO2 tube fittings facilitating positioning of the CO2 tubing connecting the CO2 System! Among our CO2 hose fittings you will find accessories dedicated for 4/6mm tubing allowing you to align the tubes according to your needs and position aquarium diffusers on the aquarium glass safely. We provide you with our SS series Stainless Steel U-shaped CO2 connectors giving you the option for a kink free managment for tubes going over the glass edge of your rimless aquarium. Depending on the glass thickness you can choose the U-shaped CO2 quick connect fittings to suit your needs perfectly, bringing the elegant look to the whole display at the same time.
All of our in-tank IO diffusers are equipped with high quality suction cups compatible with 4/6mm CO2 tube- for stable installation on the inner aquarium glass. 
Among our accessories you may also find check valves with super low opening pressure of 1 PSI permitting gas flow in only one direction thus protecting very expensive equipment from damage.
For CO2Art Complete Kits no additional CO2 regulator fittings are required because all of our regulators are equipped with an integrated check valve and all items are compatible with tubing included in the Kit.