DIY CO2 parts

Have you thought of creating a custom configuration with CO2Art products? We have a wide range of DIY CO2 parts allowing you to apply modifications to your CO2Art setup!
Although a total DIY CO2 for aquariums is not recommended in terms of safety and working with compressed gases, extending the aquarium equipment with additional parts is often very beneficial for the functioning of the system. For example, installing an additional check valve, which is an optional part of the equipment, saves you time when it come to maintenance, ie. just remove the tubing from the check valve and you can clean your diffuser, no need to take the whole system apart..
Amongst our items, you can find various CO2 tank parts such as washers, sealing rings for the adapters, extendable manifold blocks and much more!  If you want to do some DIY CO2 for aquarium, our products are ready for it! Find the best quality DIY CO2 parts and enjoy this super hobby!