Drop checker kit

CO2 drop checker? Carbon dioxide is essential for the process of photosynthesis. Plants absorb this gas to produce their own food to grow. The by-product of photosynthesis is oxygen which is used by fish and other aquatic creatures to breathe. Therefore the balanced ecosystem and proper CO2 injection must be done with extreme care and any change should not be sudden. The huge concentration of CO2 in the water column is lethal to living organisms therefore the responsible monitoring of the CO2 level is very important. In planted aquariums we use the drop checker method to read the amount of the CO2 being present in the tank. The CO2 checker uses a pH reagent, which changes colour depending on the water parameters. If the colour is blue- there is too little CO2 in the water; yellow- too much; green- optimum. It’s a great visual indicator that gives us the opportunity to monitor CO2 levels all the time.
In Drop Checker Kit by CO2Art you will find a glass vessel with a high quality suction cup and pre-mixed dkH solution, ready to use immediately, no mixing at all. Our drop checker kits are used by thousands of professionals all over the world, helping them to maintain safe carbon dioxide concentration and accurate pH read.
Try the aquarium CO2 drop  checker solution for your aquarium and with a bubble counter and you will be in control! This will allow you to monitor and adjust the gas released on the needle valve according to the pH level. Be safe and trust this brilliant accessory.