Natural CO2 production

Do you wonder what natural CO2 production looks like? We all are the producers of carbon dioxide. We breathe oxygen and the by-product is carbon dioxide. This natural CO2  is used by plants to make their own food. CO2 natural sources are air and underground deposits of gas. In aquarium conditions, there are nearly no natural CO2 production, apart from the livestock. However, this amount is not sufficient for aquatic plants to show their best. Therefore, to make your underwater garden thrive, it’s worth investing in the CO2 Pressurised System, supporting the CO2 saturation in the planted tank and intensifying  the process of photosynthesis. Together with the natural CO2 sources present in your aquarium, it will give everything for your aquatic plants they need to thrive. Check our Complete CO2 Kits, ready to be installed in your own  planted aquarium!