O2 controllers

Are CO2 controllers important for the aquariums with carbon dioxide fertilisation? Of course they are! We need to remember that every underwater ecosystem is different and the science of CO2 absorption is completely individual for every setup. The best CO2 controller for the pressurised systems is the well-known drop checker! Having a reliable CO2 regulator and controller allows you to keep the safe concentration of carbon dioxide in your aquarium!  This gas can is lethal to living creatures in huge amounts, therefore having well-calibrated CO2 controllers is very important for your livestock and also plants.

The drop checker kit is an excellent CO2 pH controller- it is a total must have in any CO2 enriched planted tank! Simple to use and setup.  Just observe the colour and stay on the green side! You fill find the drop checker kit in every Complete CO2 System! And if you’re out of the liquid- you can always purchase a single bottle of solution, no mixing required.  Enjoy a safe and efficient CO2 supplementation with CO2Art.