Resistant Aquarium

Choosing the highest quality CO2 equipment is very important for a leak free and efficient co2 injection. Connecting the CO2 gear is not possible for a long time with non CO2 resistant tubing. This is usually made with silicone which becomes brittle and leaks co2 after a short time of use. Therefore we strongly recommend that CO2 resistant aquarium Polyurethane tubing, is perfect for pressurised aquarium systems. Tubes made of this material are distinguished by long lasting operation and leak-free properties. This excellent CO2 proof tubing is available in 5 colours (clear, black, green, blue and silver) and 3 lengths (3.3. Feet, 10feet and 20 feet). When selecting the best CO2 system tubing this accessory should be chosen with special attention and not overlooked
Our CO2 pressure proof tubing 4/6mm is compatible with all the CO2Art devices and accessories.
Choose the best CO2 tubing for aquariums and enjoy the leak-free properties of these fantastic tubes!