Stainless diffusers

Welcome to our premium stainless steel CO2 diffusers from our Stainless Steel Series- the new IO Stainless Steel Diffuser excited the  expectations of both amateur and professional aquascapers. This device is all you need to diffuse carbon dioxide in the aquarium efficiently. Dedicated to run without the need of external filtration. Thanks to the high quality stainless steel stand CO2 diffuser by CO2Art this is probably the most durable CO2Art device on Earth.  Our Stainless Steel CO2 diffuser is equipped with interchangeable ceramic membrane which is eco-friendly and convenient way to keep your diffuser fully operational for the years of use. The membrane is made with Nano CO2 Mist Technology providing the user with the highest dissolution rates and in consequence- efficient gas absorption by plants for their rapid and healthy growth. Depending on the aquarium size, you may choose between two models of IO Stainless Steel Diffuser: small for tanks below 40G and large for tanks above 40G. Both versions of our diffusers are equipped with two high quality suction cups allowing solid installation to the inner aquarium glass. Compatible with CO2 resistant aquarium polyurethane tubing 4/6 mm (all CO2 resistant tubes by CO2Art). In the box you will also find a check valve which will prevent the back flow of water, thus protecting your CO2 equipment. When it comes to choosing the best in-tank CO2 diffuser stainless steel has no competition! Reliable and durable and will serve the user for many years of successful aquascaping!