Suction cups for tubings

Suction cups for glass are definitely a MUST-HAVE in any aquascaper’s toolbox. When it comes to attaching tubing to the glass suction cup is a perfect solution! CO2Art provides you with the highest quality glass suction cups compatible with tubes 4/6mm (all CO2Art tubes in all lengths and colours). You will find these amazing aquarium suction cups for tubings attached to our Stainless Steel U-bend connectors, In-line bubble counters or the separately packed 8-pack set. Thanks to strong glass suction you can position the tube on both sides of aquarium glass stably, providing a nice alignment and clean look. Our suction clips feature the flexibility of a rubber combined with exceptional use resistance. They stay firmly on the surface of the aquarium, however they can be reused over and over! Once you have them with, they will be your friend for many years of use.Thanks to clear colouration of the tubing holder, the display stays aesthetic and natural. Have your own suction holders made by CO2Art and see that little things do matter