Tubing connector

Are you looking for elegant tubing connectors? You are in the right place. CO2 tubing is responsible for leak-free connections between your CO2 equipment. Sometimes the tubing connector is necessary to integrate the tubes on the CO2 line. CO2Art provides you with the highest quality u-shaped CO2 connectors  providing nice aquarium CO2 tubing alignment along the aquarium glass when it comes to in-tank injection. The accessory is equipped with 4x high quality suction cups compatible with CO2 tubing for aquarium purposes. Made of stainless steel and available in 3 sizes depending on the glass thickness.
If you want to achieve the most aesthetic appearance of your aquarium and CO2 system tubing u-shaped connectors are more than helpful. For non rimless aquariums, we recommend a set of high quality suction cups allowing you to attach the tubing on both sides of the aquarium glass. These CO2 hose connectors are also compatible with tubing 4/6 mm.
Trust the brand providing you with the most elegant tubing connectors available in aquarium hobby and bring the fresh clean look to your aquarium.