Gifts for aquarium owners

If somebody has a fish tank, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep it bustling. However, aquarium hobby is a very engaging activity and if provided properly, you can admire an actual work of art.

There are many people that are not into fish tanks. However, most of us, know somebody who owns one. If a birthday or Christmas is coming, we may consider gift ideas that are associated with this hobby. There is a huge variety of unique gifts which our friend will enjoy.

a gift

What gift ideas should you avoid?

First of all, we should mention gifts that are not a great choice to purchase. These examples can only make more problems than pleasure:


Fish, shrimps, clams are a good gift for nobody. We usually do not know the detailed information about the particular aquarium. Different fish demand different water parameters. Not to mention, that some fishes can't cooperate. If we add not suitable mate to our fish tank, it might be disastrous to the entire ecosystem. Choosing the livestock should be a responsible choice.

fish in plastic bags

Aquarium plants

You should not choose live plants because of the exact same reason as above. Introducing any aquarium plants instantly to our underwater environment can cause irreversible changes. The aquarium plants that do not come from in-vitro farms can bring unwanted bacteria that will cause diseases among the livestock. Moreover, such plants can carry snails eggs, that can quickly turn into an invasion. Pest snails are difficult to remove.

You have to take into account that the person who receives such a gift may simply not have place for the plant at the moment.

aquarium plant

Fish food or fertilizers

Purchasing food for fish can be a waste of money too. Fish species have dedicated foods and if you do not have the knowledge about them, it's better to avoid it. And.. well, there are many more options available in the aquarium trade than the frozen food, algae wafers or fish pellets which are a really boring gift.

When it comes to fertilizers, most of aquarium lovers have their favourite brands and ways to do it. Do not force anybody to change their habits. Fertilizers are best for planted tanks but this case is more complex that we may think at first sight. How do you know which micro and macro-elements are lacking?

Best gifts for aquarium lovers

Having established, what you should not purchase for the aquarium lover, here comes time to point out gift ideas that will most likely gladden the receiver. If it doesn't have to be a surprise, we recommend you to simply ask the aquarium owner what he wants to get. This may spare some uncomfortable situations with the unwanted gift.

There are plenty of things that you can choose for a fish tank that can be useful on daily basis. It all depends on your budget.

Test kits

It is crucial to monitor water parameters, especially after you changed something in the fish tank or performed a water change. That's why test kits such as test strips may be useful to monitor levels of ammonia, nitrates or pH.

In addition to that, a drop checker is a gadget that makes the controlling a lot easier. If the aquarium owner does not have this unit, it will certainly help to monitor the pH constantly. It also comes in a distinguished glass which will be a great addition to the fish tank.

If you want to find out more about the drop checker method, visit our site here.

a drop checker

Automatic fish feeders

This device will save a lot of time and will enable the fish keeper to go on vacation. It delivers the food to the fish tank regularly once you set it up.

Aquarium decorations

If you have some sense of style, you may consider buying something to decorate the fish tank. It's a little bit risky, because you can't be 100% sure if it meets the expectations.

If you are an artistic soul, something that you can do by yourself will be a great gift. For instance, ornaments like coconuts are perfect to put into the fish tank. Watch one of the videos available online that shows how to prepare such a gift.

CO2 regulator

It will be a perfect gift for the aquarium lover who wants to transfer his/her aquarium to the next level. Limitless assets that come with this solution will blow your mind. With proper attention, freshwater fish will only benefit from it.

Visit our site here and choose the regulator that suits your friend's needs. Together with the regulator, you receive up to 10 years warranty and a lifetime support! We're sure aquarium lovers will enjoy this high quality equipment.

CO2 regulator

Fish nets or algae scrappers

The most useful things that an aquarium lover can get. The purpose of fish nets is that it enables us to catch fish which is crucial while performing a general cleaning or water change.

In case of algae scrappers, we use them to clean tank's walls and decorations due to algae and debris accumulation.

catching fish with a net


If you are not convinced about the gift that the aquarium hobbyist wants to receive, it's better not to take the risk. Fish lovers will be glad to spend a certain amount of money on a thing that they really want, maybe led lighting? Who knows? Voucher is always a great gift.


It will be also an excellent idea to purchase a ticket for any kind of aquarium event like e.g. fish exhibition or zoological park. Spending time in such a place can be an astonishing experience for anyone, not only fish lovers. It also gives the opportunity to expand this passion and reap ideas to our fish tanks.

fish at the zoo


One of the most compelling gifts for aquarium lovers is a book focused on the aquascaping theme. Of course, you can find a lot of information on the Internet but there are types of people who like to hold a solid piece of paper with beguiling images.

If you have a little bit more money to spend, you may consider purchasing an annual subscription for a magazine about the underwater world. The most recent and verified information about fish tanks will reach your friend with every speciment of the magazine.

Other gadgets

A mug with fishes? A t-shirt with an eye-catching inscription? On the Internet, there are a lot of gadgets and accessories that are probably not the most practical gifts but can be a superb addition to the main present.


Have you already decided what to buy? You know your friend and what she/he likes. If you have a limited budget, you can offer to split the cost among other participants of the party. One solid gift is sometimes better than a few smaller ones.

It is not that easy to buy or prepare a gift for the aquarium hobbyist without knowing the preferences of the person. Let's face the truth, aquascaping is not the simplest subject. However, you can be confident that your mate will appreciate the fact that you admire her/his hobby.

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