CO2 accessories

We believe that high quality of the CO2 equipment results in successful planted aquarium, full of thriving greenery. Although the system can’t work without an efficient diffuser and reliable regulator, aquarium CO2 accessories are equally important in a proper system functionality. CO2 Systems and accessories by CO2Art are made of the highest quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, anti-corrosion metals and other high pressure resistant components. Our aquarium CO2 equipment is designed to minimise any leak opportunities including check valves, u-bend connectors and any other elements on the CO2 line. Thanks to the tight connections made between the gear in the aquarium CO2 supplies are used much more effective, preventing leaks. This is extremely important, especially when we think about it from the perspective of daily CO2 dosing for many hours. CO2 waste can be minimised by choosing the highest quality CO2 accessories designed for optimum operation at a high pressure. In our range you will find super durable suction cups, inline bubble counters, drop checkers, u-bend connectors and many more! Everything made with quality in mind to give your underwater garden all it deserves.